Weilerbach commemorates Herbert Schoner

On 22 December 1971, terrorists of the RAF (Red Army Fraction) robbed the Bayrische Hypotheken- und Wechselbank (Bavarian Mortgage and Exchange Bank) in Kaiserslautern. At that time, police officer Herbert Schoner was inspecting a red VW bus which was illegally parked in front of the bank.

The driver of the bus as well as the other terrorists, storming out of the bank, immediately opened fire at the officer and killed him on the spot.

As a result of this incident, Herbert Schoner became the second victim of the RAF, leaving behind his wife and his two children.

The tragic event led, not only in Weilerbach but also throughout Germany, to great appall and attention from the media. Two days later, on Christmas Eve, Herbert Schoner was laid to rest in the cemetery of Weilerbach.

Following a trial that lasted over two years, the perpetrators were eventually convicted and sentenced to several years in prison.